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Purple Passion

Great take care gift!  Bath bomb, triple milled soap, hand cream and lavender scrub. 

3 fl oz. shot of spice aloe-based lotion 

8 oz. lavender scrub 

3.5 oz. fresh fig soap

purple scrub, fig soap, purple lotion, bath bomb


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Good Vibes

This T- Shirt is sooo soft!  Could  be paired with your coziest flannel pajamas (for a night in) or styled for a night out. We paired it with a scrub, hand cream and beautiful soap. 

3 fl oz. clean breeze, aloe-based lotion 

8 oz. mint scrub 

good vibes set


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Dainty but Daring

Soap lovers unite! This spiked punch lotion with dainty bar soap is perfect for any gift.

3 fl oz. lotion

Dainty soap + daring lotion


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Hoops and Blooms

This set of perfect pale old school pink hoop earrings and floral socks is a great gift for any occasions. 

hoop earrings, just bloom socks


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Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat Pecans, Mini art Block and Candle in Blown Glass that can be used as drinking glass when finished. 

9 oz. Orange Blossom Candle 

bird art, sweet heat, orange candle


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Orange Galore

Doesn't this set look a-peeling to you? The Blood Orange Loofa Soap, Spiced Orange & Cinn Candle, Orange Poppy Socks, Sweet Orange Room Freshener, & Citrus Twist Hand cream is the perfect gift!  

24 oz. Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Candle 

3 fl oz. Citrus Twist Lotion 

4 fl oz. Sweet Orange Room Freshener 

orange loofa, socks, spritz, electric, spiced cinn


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Kind Hearts

Need some love? This set is here for you! The wonderfully scented (or unscented) "Kind Lip" lip balms are perfect for your chapped lips and help give back (20% of their profits to be exact) to the prevention of bullying! 

P.S These heart pouches are made from recycled sails! 

0.15 oz. Lip Balm (100% Natural)

kind lip, heart pouch


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Oh so Cute!

Small but mighty! This earring and velvet mirror pair is a great gift for all! Catch it while you can! 

pink mirror, paisley earrings


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My Type of Love

Love, love, love! This typewriter bracelet (made from old typewriter keys!) is the perfect gift for that special someone! 

typewriter love


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Lavender Love

Is there anything better than the smell of lavender? Of course not! These two lovely sets are perfect for the lavender lover in your life. 

4 fl oz. Lavender Spray, straw with cleaner, mirror, soap, velvet bag


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Tea, lotion, art, is there anything more you could ask for?! This  set is a wonderful gift for any occasion! Tea is licorice and peppermint flavored. 

8 fl oz. jasmine and rosemary essential oil lotion  

stress less lotion, licorice tea, pink flower art block


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Awesome Blossom

La vie la mort! This pink, black, and white themed set is a wonderful Valentine's (or any day) gift! Only one left, catch it while you can! The lotion and perfume are cardamom, jasmine, and hibiscus leaf scented. 

0.33 fl oz. perfume 

2.65 oz. shea butter lotion 

0.15 oz. fresh air chapstick 


velvet pouch

lavielamort lotion, perfume, freshair chapstick, black mirror + bag


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Purple Posies

Need a little purple in your life? We've got some! These lavender home goods are perfect for livening up your home spaces. 

100% soybean Lavender and Lemongrass candle (72 Hours). mini vintage pitcher & Block art

fancylav. candle, purple pitcher, purple flower block art


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Coffee Love

Made from recycled coffee bean bags, the bag in this set along with some coffee soap and sweet heat pecans in the perfect gift! 

coffee bag, coffee bar, sweet heat pecans


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