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Good Vibes

This T- Shirt is sooo soft!  Could  be paired with your coziest flannel pajamas (for a night in) or styled for a night out. We paired it with a scrub, hand cream and beautiful soap. 

3 fl oz. clean breeze, aloe-based lotion 

8 oz. mint scrub 

good vibes set


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Hoops and Blooms

This set of perfect pale old school pink hoop earrings and floral socks is a great gift for any occasions. 

hoop earrings, just bloom socks


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Kind Hearts

Need some love? This set is here for you! The wonderfully scented (or unscented) "Kind Lip" lip balms are perfect for your chapped lips and help give back (20% of their profits to be exact) to the prevention of bullying! 

P.S These heart pouches are made from recycled sails! 

0.15 oz. Lip Balm (100% Natural)

kind lip, heart pouch


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