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A HUGE thank you to my family and close friends for always believing in me way more than I ever did.  You pushed me to do grow and believe I should take my vision and make it a reality!  I love all of you!!!


Once I opened the store in Chester my business went to a whole new level. I thought it would take time to get the word out but from the moment I opened the doors the response has been incredible.  More than I would have ever expected.  A big Thank You all the customers that come to my store in Chester.  You have been so welcoming and I have been overwhelmed with good wishes and appreciation.  Thank you so much!!!! I will continue to work hard to keep the store current and interesting so it can be an inspiration to you.  I want to continue to bring unique cool ways of decorating to your home.   I wouldn't be here without you!

                      Me & My Store


I have always loved anything to do with the home; design, painting, organizing.... I am a definite homebody!!  My father taught me everything from painting to ripping down walls. My mom taught me to love anything home and inspired me to be creative  That combined with my love of talking to people, some might say i talk too much ;), help me not only to do the hard work but to be able connect with the people I am working with.  

My store is three fold.  It is filled with all things I love.  Its a mix of shabby creamy white meets rustic chippy meets rusty metal. I have furniture from the late 1800's to the early !900's that I redo & paint to fit today's decorating needs.  I have lots of unusual things to decorate your home - old doors, chippy  wood, windows, mirrors, unique lighting and lots of rusty stuff that would add warmth to your home and inspire you.

chippy white creamy furniture painted dainty dandelion

shabby french white creamy rusty


The second part of my store is custom painting.  Come in if you are looking for a certain piece and I will try to find it for you.  If you have a piece of your own that needs updating I can take care of that too.


The third part of my store is gift items MADE IN AMERICA.  I have unique items, for men and women.  Some of the companies give back to non-profit organizations.  Many are small business owners -- when you shop at my store you are not only helping my small business but many others.  

My Second Love


My first love has always been my family! Anyone who knows me knows that my husband and son are everything to me.  I always knew the most fulfilling thing for me would be raising my son.  There were ups and downs - laughing and crying, thought I was going out of mind sometimes (I'm sure most can relate) but helping someone to be the best they can be  - what could give you more joy.  Justin is now 21 and is a wonderful person.  (OK I might be a little biased!!)


rusty, dainty dandelion, chester, lighting
chippy painted furniture dainty dandelion

My second love is painting & decorating.  I love taking a room and giving it new life.  Over the years I have always painted, decorated and organized for myself, friends & family.  I would always tackle jobs that no one else wanted.  I would get a rush from taking something from boring to beautiful or a big mess to totally organized.  So, once my son got older I decided to share what I had learned over the years and open a store.  It started out small and now I have my second child, a store in my town, and I hope to make it the best it can be.  :)

The Real Me

Most people know I am a hot mess.  I'm usually doing a hundred things at once and look like a crazy person.  I'm most happy when I'm painting or ripping stuff apart.  Its more normal for me to be full of paint than all prettied up.  Even when I try to look nice I still have to get dirty!

What's In A Name?!

I knew that Dandelion had to be in the store name because when my son was little he loved to give me them.  We called them blow flowers. Justin said they were the most beautiful flower!  My good friend help me fool around with words to go with it and we came up with Dainty.  The obvious first reason is they are dainty.  The second reason is because I am soooo NOT dainty, My friend (JOYCE) thought that me having a store with the word Dainty in it was hysterical. So the Dainty Dandelion was born.


Our Mascotts

Chester is the original mascot of the store.  Whether I was taking care of customers or painting furniture he was with me.  I'm sure some of his hair was stuck on some sold pieces.  ;o)  He even did photo shoots for the store!! He had a kind soul and made everyone smile.  I miss him so much but he will always be in my heart!

Here he is trying to sell

our doggie soap!


The New Guys

There are two new mascots for the store.  I think I had a momentary lapse into insanity when I decided to get them.  Two Jack Russellsl!!  They are getting to know how the store operates and they love saying hi to all the customers.  Come by and visit, Jax & Luna, the two crazies!!!

Here are some shots of a few of my store windows.  

Don't judge the glare in the pictures!  :o