What kind of paint is used? 

Chalk, Milk, Mineral, Acrylic, and anything else we can find to make your piece just right! 


How are the pieces sealed?  

High quality tough sealer.


I love dark waxing and I’m looking for my piece to be heavily distressed, how much more will it cost me?  

Additional distressing is 10%, and dark waxing is 15%.  


How do I know how much my piece(s) will cost?  

Using our custom price sheet located here, you can get a reasonable estimate of what your piece will cost prior to talking with Monica. However, after sending a picture of your piece with measurements, Monica will send you a quote with a more accurate cost.


Is the painting done at my house or do I bring it somewhere? 

All pieces, except kitchens, are brought to Monica’s studio. If you are having your kitchen cabinets/island done, the painting will be partially conducted at your house. 


How do I get my piece to Monica?   

After working out a drop-off date with Monica, you are able to drop off your piece by any means convenient to you. If you are unable to deliver your piece on your own, we offer a local pickup service with a cost of $20. Cost for houses over 10 miles away are TBD. 


How do I pick up my piece?

Similar to pick-up, you are welcome to pick up your piece from Monica’s studio at your convenience once the piece is available. If you need the piece(s) to be delivered, we offer a local pickup service with a cost of $20. Cost for houses over 10 miles away are TBD. 


How long will it take once I bring it to Monica?  

Painting typically takes 2 weeks (excluding kitchens) once the piece has been brought to Monica. However, time can vary depending on size and other factors.  


How long will painting my kitchen take? 

Time for kitchens depends case-by-case. 


How long until I can use my piece after it’s been painted?  

All pieces take one month to cure. It is strongly advised that the pieces do not get more than gently used until the curing period has passed.