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Vintage Goodies

Mid Century Modern Coctail Set

Six two tone green striped glasses and four glass bakeware tray in chartreuse and forest green.

9"H x 10"W


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Dresser + Chair

Vintage blue dresser with cool knobs. Chippy blue chair. 

Blue Dresser 42" Long 20" Wide 37.5" Tall 

Art Sign 48" Long 7" Tall

blue dresser and chair


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Black Beauty

This vintage furniture piece is 65"H x 25.5W x 18.5"D.  The bottom opens and has a shelf. When you open the side it has that great mirror and a secret drawer!

black dresser


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Turkey Farm Ladders

These ladders have quite the history! Found in the buildings on Larrison's Turkey Farm's property, these ladders are a big part of Chester's history! 

Left  18.5" Wide 94" Tall

Center 15.5" Wide 107" Tall 

Right 24" Wide (Bottom) 18.5" Wide (top) 121" Tall



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Dark Blue Dresser

These vintage pieces are great additions to any room! 

Dresser 33" Tall 36" Long 16.5" Wide 

Shutter 17" Long 58.5" Tall

Lamp  30" Tall  

Tool Box 24" Long 12.5" Tall 9" Wide

Smaller Dark Blue dresser


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Baby Blue Piece

These vintage pieces will be beautiful additions to any space in your home. 

Vintage Furniture Piece 40" Long 19.5" Wide 35" Tall 

Vintage French Sink 29" Tall 10.5" Deep 14.5" Wide

Vintage Pillar 51" Tall 13.5" Square

Vintage Architecture Pieces 51.5" Long 10.5" Tall

baby blue piece


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Green Piece

This beautiful vintage furniture piece is a great addition to any living space! 

Green Piece 22" Wide 43" Long 34.5" Tall

Green Shutters 18" Wide 45.5" Tall

green piece


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