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Firehose Products

American Made

Dopp Bags & Rugs

Gives Back

I buy from three different small businesses, some owned by retired firemen, that make fire hose products. One company gives a portion of sales to funding which will cover the cost of mental health education. Why? In the United States, suicide has recently become the leading cause of death amongst firefighters. Firefighters often suffer from PTSD in ways that we are still learning to understand, and less than 6% of departments have a mental health action plan.   Also,  additional funding will be used to purchase tools and rescue equipment they may not have otherwise been able to afford. 

Also, A portion of the sales goes to helping collage students travel to other countries. Our country is stronger when we meet and know the people of the world and it's out students today that will build the relationships of tomorrow. Unfortunately many students can't afford even a simple trip and every student who can't travel is a missed opportunity for all of us.

Firehose Dopp Bag

10.5"L x 6.5"H x 4.5"W

This bag was built by hand in Grand Rapids, MI from recycled fire hose previously used by Alabama fire departments. 

Up-cycled fire hose - Color and markings are authentic to each dopp.

firehose dopp


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Fire Hose Rug

These rugs are made from fire hose saved from some of the oldest fire companies in America. There are no two sections that resemble one another so each product is unique. The faded colors and textures of fabric woven into these products were earned in their years of service.  In comments put if you want 1 2 or 3 of yellow rugs



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10" x 8" x 26"

Retired fire hose and waxed canvas combine to make a durable bag with clean look. Tough, water resistant, and looks great. With two zippers it works as a duffle or a backpack. The bottom is part of a rubber fire hose. 


CLEANING & CARE : do not use detergents; do not dry clean.

firehose duffle bag


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Firehose Bench

41" long 21" tall 21" wide

This company is Firefighter and US Navy Veteran owned. These benches are all hand-made to order  using repurposed firehose that was once used to save lives.  These are make unique gifts, awards, home and business décor.


red- support for firefighters 

blue- support for law enforcement

orange- support for EMS

green- support for federal agents


Made to order - shipping 2 weeks

firehose bench


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Wine Bag

Wine bottle bag, made from retired firehose and waxed canvas.


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Trash Basket

Trash basket made from 1-1/2" single-jacket fire hose. This hose is commonly used in wild-land fires because of its lighter weight. The hose has been cleaned and power-washed but as you can see there are still some stains and wear.


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