All are made with the finest ingredients, in small batches so you can have the freshest products.  

chocolate david bradley made in America dainty dandelion

David Bradley Chocolates

High quality chocolates made right in NJ. Chocolate covered marshmallows, animal crackers, popcorn, pretzels and salted caramels to name a few.  The chocolate is rich and thick - no skimping here!! 

dainty dandelion made in america chester nj tabasco

Tobasco Candy

The rich chocolate has a smooth taste with heat at the end and the jelly beans are spicy from the first bite!

Chocolate Espresso Beans

This mixture of beans includes, dark chocolate, Made in Virginia

malvi marshmallows made in America dainty dandelion

Malvi Marshmallos

Boldly flavored all natural marshmallows sandwiched in between two yummy cookies.  Also, the mini chocolate marshmallows are dusted with bittersweet cocoa powder.  Made in Georgia

virginia peanuts made in america chester nj dainty dandelion

Nuts Nuts Nuts

These Virginia Peanuts have a great crunch that regular peanuts don't.  We have many varieties to choose from - too many to show - Here are a few to get your stomach happy; Wasabi, Hot Jalapeño, Habanero Chile, Thai fried chili lime.......... Made in Virginina

Organic Hard Candy

Carefully crafted from all natural ingredients. No additives, artificial flavors or colors.  Made in Connecticut 

three jerks made in america chester nj dainty dandelion

Beef Jerky

Most jerky is tough and lacks real flavor.  This gourmet jerkey is made from the finest cuts of filet mignon and the highest quality spices. No gluten, MSG or Sodium Nitrates.  

Made in California