All are made with the finest ingredients, in small batches so you can have the freshest products.  

Theo Bars

fair trade organic chocolate almonds salt dark chocolate 70% small business local american made

It all starts with the beans! They work with farmers throughout the world to source cocoa beans that benefit the farmers and environment.  Organic and Fair trade certified.

Made in Washington.

Beef Jerky

beef jerky filet minon american made USA gifts meat lovers unique local small business chipotle

Most jerky is tough and c real flavor.  This gourmet jerkey is made from the finest cuts of filet mignon and the highest quality spices. No gluten, MSG or Sodium Nitrates.  

Made in California


local america USA made small business chocolate treats snacks goodies food marshmallow nuts pretzels almonds organic coconut

These chocolates have only organic cream, pure ingredients and never any extracts. They feature marshmallow, shortbread, caramel, coconut and lots of other ridiculous ingredients.  I am addicted to them!!!

Made in Wisconsin

David Bradley

chocolate david bradley made in America dainty dandelion USA local pretzels marshmallows caramel quality

High quality chocolates made right in NJ. Chocolate covered marshmallows, animal crackers, popcorn, pretzels and salted caramels to name a few.  The chocolate is rich and thick - no skimping here!! 

Made in New Jersey.

Tea Pigs

tea pigs environment recycle organic biodegradable eco friendly conscious sustainable herbal tea flavored sweet whole leaf fruit local New York  Brooklyn

This is quality real tea. Meaning whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers.  Not the dusty stuff in regular paper tea bags. These teas use whole leaves and whole fruit so they pack a super punch of flavor. 

Made in Brooklyn, NY

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Espresso Beans

chocolate covered espresso beans dark

Satisfy your need for chocolate and caffeine in one bite!!  These double dipped espresso beans are fabulous.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Made in Virginia.

Wes Candy

gummies chocolate covered high quality glass jar sour worms gummy bears unique different made in USA america local

This is true overload of edible happiness!  Wes gourmet candy in their signature air-tight four ounce jars, ensures optimal freshness.  From dummies to chocolate cookie dough bits, you will be in heaven!!

Made in California.

Nuts Nuts Nuts

virginia peanuts peanut shop salt and vinegar barbecue chipotle habanero jalapeño sriracha crunchy big nuts

These Virginia Peanuts have a great crunch that regular peanuts don't.  SOOO many varieties to choose from.  Here are a few to get your stomach happy; Wasabi, Hot Jalapeño, Habanero Chile, Thai fried chili lime.

Made in Virginina

Snarky Tea

tea leaves snarky tea funny gag gift personalized unique colorful fun namaste calm bitch awakening whole leaves energy immunity florida USA america

These teas have great names but its what's on the inside that counts.  They only use whole leaves The blends were meticulously created to match their names and deliver on their promise.  They offer quick easy solutions for energy, sleep, relaxation, detox and immunity.  

Made in Florida.