for Women

Whipped Soap

whipped soap made in america gift item dainty dandelion chests nj
This whipped soap is moisturizing as it cleans.  It is enriched with sweet almond oil, shea butter and avocado oil. It doesn't have a drying feel and is face safe. This is ultra fluffy & light, whipped to the perfect consistency. Just a bit on your shower puff gives bubbles galore.  I love this soap!! Your whole bathroom smells great when your done showering.  
Made in North Carolina

Skinny Coconut Oil

skinny coconut oil made in america dainty dandelion gift item
The only 100% raw alkaline coconut oil in the world. It is wild harvested and not plantation grown.  No chemicals, fillers or preservatives.  It is cold processed; not just cold pressed.  This company owns and manufactures their oil - from tree to table - no third parties.
Made in Indiana 

Wine Soap

wine soap gift item made in america dainty dandelion chester nj

These orchard inspired soaps help feed your skin by using fruits, nuts and plants from local farms and high quality oils which produces a rich lather.  Wine grapes filled with antioxidants, grape seed oil which is a high absorption moisturizer, and orange essential oil that helps relax muscles are some of the key ingredients.  

Made in California  

Coffee Soap

coffee soap gift item made in america dainty dandelion chester nj

Lathering thick, creamy and rich, this soap will moisturize, nourish and soften your skin. Since it contains ground coffee, it will do an excellent job at exfoliating.  This soap helps to remove odors from hands as well, such as garlic, onions and fish.  Keep one in the bath and one in the kitchen! No artificial ingredients or fillers.

Made in Oregon.

Body Scrubs

body scrub made in america dainty dandelion chester nj gift item

The sugar exfoliates while the exotic oil blend, will make your skin feel fabulous every time you shower.  (My whole family raves about how moisturized their skin feels after using.)  Each batch is made to order. Scents include Bali Coconut, Agave Lime, Coffee, and Ocean Pacific.......

Made in South Dakota. 

Bath Bombs

bath bombs made in america gift item dainty dandelion chester nj

Each of these bath bombs is packed with olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to to nourish your skin while releasing amazing scents and colors.  Scents include Birthday Cake, Oatmeal & Honey, Lavender and a bunch more. Made in Minnesota.