Duke Cannon gains inspiration from soldiers serving our country with the relationship they have with Bravo Company 2-135.  They work with them to inspire new ideas and review all new products before they launch.  

***They are also serious about giving back, so a portion of proceeds directly supports veteran causes.   

men soap gift item made in america dainty dandelion


This "Big Ass Brick of Soap" is modeled after the rough cut, brick style of soap used by GIS during the Korean War and is manufactured in the same plant that was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years.

made in america gift item shampoo dainty dandelion duke cannon


This 2-in-1 hair wash has been engineered with superior grade ingredients. Protein for strength, tea tree oil and menthol to wake you up, vitamin B5 for conditioning and there are no harsh sulfates or parabens.  

beard balm men gift item dainty dandelion made in america

Beard Balm & Oil

The beard balm is made with superior grade ingredients like lanolin and cocoa butter. The beard oil is made with premium natural ingredients such as apricot kernel, organ and jojoba oils.  Rich in Vitamin e, carotenes and antioxidants, these oils are considered beneficial against psoriasis, eczema and acne.   Both products moisturizes the bead AND the face underneath.

duke cannon men gift item dainty dandelion made in america

Face Wash

Made with premium ingredients: menthol to energize, jojoba for outer layer protection and vitamin c to fight fatigue.  It has a refreshing citrus scent.  

duke cannon lip balm gift item made in america dainty dandelion

Lip Balm

Men hate those bubble gum flavored lip balms in dainty little tubes.  This .56oz balm is nearly 4x the other stuff.  Its made of premium ]natural and organic ingredients and is formulated with SPF 15.  It is tested by active duty military personnel and holds up to 125 degree temperatures!

Bloody Knuckles

This hand repair balm is made with lanolin.  It provides much-needed moisture without leaving hands feeling sticky or greasy.